P/N/20 Open Your Kimono commission by Sarah Boulton

18th July 6 - 9 pm

Join us for an event to launch the work of birdsneedgravitytoswallow.org, a new Open Your Kimono commission by Sarah Boulton, with an accompanying text by Sophie Jung. Sarah Boulton is currently doing an MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade. www.openyourkimono.org

L/B/15 A ligt box commission by Jesse Darling

To accompany the launch of Sarah Boulton's project, Jesse Darling has produced the 15th commission in the light box programme. It will be switched on at 6 pm on the evening of the 18th and remain in situ throughout the summer. w.bravenewwhatever.tumblr.com

text by sophie Jung